sing to the lord

“Sing to the Lord” by Hunter Chang is a celebratory liturgical piece. It was originally orchestrated for a large ensemble including choir, brass, strings, percussion, and piano. The choral part was composed for a combined youth and adult ensemble, demonstrating the way music expands beyond itself from the youngest children to full grown adults.

Performed by Kenilworth Union Church (KUC) Adult Bell Choir, KUC Youth Choir (Soloists: Sophie Leuchtner and Nancy Hillman), KUC Chancel Choir, Emelia Suljic (Violin), Deb Ponko (Violin), Rene Chen (Viola), Alexandra Kim (Cello), Adam Wrobel (Percussion), John Bryant (Organ), Barbara Falk (Piano), and Hunter Chang (Conductor).


Hunter Chang's piece "SHEMA" is written for two bassoons, oboe, violin and viola and is a piece that paints a musical illustration of colonial America. However, the title is actual an acronym for the first name of the original musicians the piece was composed for. 

Performed by Hunter Chang (Bassoon), Maddy Tung (Bassoon), Anne Pinkerton (Oboe), Sabrina Park (Violin), and Eric Stinehart (Viola).

Chang Piano Trio

Mvt 4 - Lost Over Vying Endings


This is the 4th Movement of Hunter Chang's 4 movement Piano Trio. This piece was performed live as the first ever original composition on the New Trier Commencement Concert.

Performed by Emelia Suljic (Violin), Daniel Kaler (Cello), and Amber Scherer (Piano).

Shadow Hunting

Hunter Chang’s “Shadow Hunting” was premiered at the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University. The piece consists of three main sections: a chorale that starts and ends the piece, a slow, melodic, theme-based section which mainly uses counterpoint, and that is later accompanied by a sixteenth note texture on the piano, and a faster, energetic dance or “chase” section based on a pizzicato melody. “Shadow Hunting” was originally composed for Flute, Violin, Cello, and Piano. However, it has been arranged for other instrumentations for different performances.